Pour l’unité des CM2 sur les paysages/ For the 5th Grade Unit on Landscapes


A few sites to help with finding  landscape  photos online. Some are free  but we still need to give credit to the creators of the photos.

Pics4Learning: Free, Copyright Friendly Images for Education


National Geographic

On creativecommons.com you can find images in your usual online spots (google, Flickr etc…) but with a filter which permits you to find work which has been licensed by the creator to be reused freely. Different types of licenses can be applied to each picture. We are using images for non commercial use, which can be modified, altered or built upon. We still have to credit the creators.

Un site incroyagle qui utilise les photos satellites pour montrer les changements du paysage causés par l’être humain et le réchauffement planétaire/An amazing site which uses satellite photos to show the changes caused by humans and global warming : Timelaps

Une carte qui montrent les courants de migration des êtres humains: Global Patterns of Human Migration

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