Quelques Sites Pour l’enseignement des sciences en classes élémentaires/A Few French Language Sites for the Teaching of Sciences in the Lower School

From the Power Point  of the webinar International Models for Inquiry-Based Science Education in Elementary Schools Wednesday, June 19, 2013, authored by the French Institution « La Main à la pâte » and presented on edweb.net, I am gleening a few websites which would be useful in our PYP Units in inquiry based science.

L’Europe des découvertes includes small video clips on the history of the major scientific inventions and discoveries in Europe. There is a section for teachers and one for students. It includes animations to expand on learning. See for instance the link « Dans la Classe » to find information on the measurement of the earth in antique Greece, the invention of the parachute in Italy, the discovery of photosynthesis in Great-Britain. A good resource for the 4th grade unit « The World is Changed by Exploration and Discovery. »

A l’Ecole de la biodiversité as per the introduction, this site stimulates the participation of the students with questions, the study of documents, experimentation, modelization and debate.  » A l’école de la biodiversité met en avant l’activité des élèves par le questionnement, l’étude documentaire, l’expérimentation, la modélisation et le débat. »  The « espace élèves » includes animations on natural selection, adaptation, the food cycle, global warming. A good site for the 1st grade units: « The World Works with Cycles » and « Organisms are Connected in Nature »

Calendriers, Miroirs du ciel et des cultures  has a similar structure with a choice of teacher resources (inculding guides and bibliographies) and an « espace élèves » with multimedia animations explaining the different cycles of time, but also stimulating reflection on the history of calendars and the measurement of time.

Quand la terre gronde would be a perfect resource for the 4th grade unit The Earth is constantly changing with  a curriculum module, a bibliography,  and for the students the  section Elèves there are  animations explaining different natural disasters such as volcanoes, tsunamis etc.. and plate tectonics.

Ma maison ma planète et moi  With this site « students study how societies of the past and of today have managed the different needs linked to housing, they become aware of the impact of habitat on the environment. They understand  that it is possible to build with more ecological practices. » The student section includes two animations on the history of housing in humanity and the differences of housing around the world, which would be useful for the Kindergarten unit « Not all Homes are alike around the World ». It also includes an animation on how to economize energy which would support the 3rd grade unit « A Healthy Planet Requires Action from Its Inhabitant« .

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