Young Readers’ Choice Award at FAIS Library


Young Readers Choice Award at the Library

The Library is organizing a new lunch book group: the Young Readers’ Choice Award 2015.This program is owned by the Pacific Northwest Library Association, a bi-national institution with members in Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Washington. The association has selected excellent titles for each level, very similar to the OBOB lists. Students meet to discuss the books. They debate among themselves and then participate in voting (in February) for the author who will be the recipient of the award (in Spring).
Students must read a minimum of three books on the list to vote.

This allows students to have a direct influence on the outcome, and to voice their opinion in a significant way. It is also a great opportunity to discuss really cool books!

See above the link to find the titles of the books.The FAIS library will have all of the titles for the Intermediate section available this week. The lunch club will start the third week of school. Exact date to be announced.

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